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Sayrune's Fourth Strike [audio]

[it's Crabmon singing, since he uses the D-comm more often then Adiane herself does]

It wasn't a rock...Collapse )

[hrmph from Adiane herself after punting Crabmon]

Sayrune's Third Strike [Audio]

[click of audio]-uh no Adiane-sama, but she wouldn't just leave the D-comm laying around, oh well! Adiane-sama is strong, and she probably is with Mister Gorimon-sama so she'll be fine.

Speaking of Mister Gorimon-sama, he's nice! He even gave me a name... Although I'm not really a dragon, and Sayrune is kinda... girly sounding. But it's better then "worthless idiot" and everything Adiane-sama has called me.

... um, maybe I should try looking for her. [thunk thunk of Crabmon claw on D-comm before, le click, no moar audio]

[occ: Adiane is a Black-banded Sea Krait. huzzah. Oh and Mister Gorimon-sama = Thymilph.]

Sayrune's Second Strike.


I guess some of the silly little things you insects do in this world have some merit. ♥

Sayrune's Strike One

It's over. How unfortunate.

[locked to Colonel, but since Adiane isn't the greatest with the D-comm it's a fail lock yet! Still locked from Iris.]

"Colonel", I've considered your... Offer. So, yes I'll do it.


[posted shortly after this log]

Adiane-sama is cranky, because someone tried to start something at YukiAgumon's but he took off before a real fight could start but...

She should be happy! I evolved! Isn't Adiane-sama awesome for helping me do that?
Oh, hey it's working. Adiane-sama didn't break it, that's good. Anyway, Adiane-sama and I have been in Axoryi for a few days!

... and she hasn't beaten any humans to a bloody pulp, yet. And she has a job too, that I helped her get.

... well it's more like that YukiAgumon who sticks his snout into everyone's business is being charitable. The arguments between them are funny, and no one has been hurt yet.

I, uhm, just thought you'd all like to know. Especially you, Viral-sama. Although I'm not sure if what you said to her really got to her or what...

Oh yeah.

I'm Crabmon! I haven't introduced myself, so there. I have. Hello.

((ooc: lolrony. Crabmon sounds exactly like pre-timeskip Viral, FYI. So, yes.))


[click and static as the D-comm turns on, in the middle of a conversation it seems]

diane-sama! That light means it's recording... You know this would be so much easier if we went to Axoryi, I know you don't li-- [a loud crack as something hits the source of the voice, and then there is a stunned silence for a minute]

WORTHLESS IDIOT! If you suggest such a thing again you'll prove yourself even more useless then an insect, then a human!

[it... uh, goes on like this. since it seems Adiane isn't aware that people can respond to it... SO SURPRAISE]